April 03, 2007


Quickly Site statistics summaries.

Usage [statistics:summary {count=n} {mode=sum|avg|min|max} {order=asc|desc}]
[statistics:summary:here {template=type.name}]

Type block tag, here tag

Data Fields site, year, month, pages, bytes, bytes.text, pages.bytes, pages.bytes.text, files.bytes, files.bytes.text, feeds, templates, queries, rows, ctime, ctime.text, etime, etime.text, qtime, qtime.text


The [statistics:summary] tag retrieves a set of monthly summary statistics for your site. The values available are:

siteThe id of your site.
yearThe year for this summary record.
monthThe month for this summary record.
pagesThe number of pages (html, text, xml) retrieved.
files  The number of files retrieved.
feedsThe number of RSS/Atom feed requests.1
templatesThe number of templates processed.
queriesThe number of SQL queries executed.
rowsThe number of database rows retrieved.
ctimeThe number of CPU seconds used.
The number of seconds elapsed during processing.
qtime The number of seconds elapsed during queries.
bytes The total number of bytes transferred.
pages.bytesThe number of bytes transferred for pages.
The number of bytes transferred for files.

Pre-formatted versions are available for each of the time and bytes fields by appending .text.  The pre-formatting takes account of minutes and seconds for times, and of kilobytes, megabytes, and gigabytes for transfers.


count Maximum number of records return.
mode Return an aggregate figure, rather than individual records.  The values are the total (sum), average (avg), minimum (min) or maximum (max) of the respective fields.  In aggregate mode, only one record is returned.
order Sort records in ascending or descending order.  The default is descending.
template Template to be used in here mode.  The default is item.stats.summary.

1 Not yet supported; returns 0.

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1 How to determine the number of views of my blog?

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