Privacy Policy respects your privacy. We do not require personal identification for use, merely a valid email address so that we can contact you.

Note that when you provide your email address on a comment, this is available to the owner of that site, and he or she may make it available to others in turn. However, if you are a registered user, you are not required to provide an email address to comment.

We also record the IP address for each comment, and parts of that address are presently available to the site owner, and thus potentially to others. This is a standard function available in most blogging and forum software.

What private information we do collect will not be sold or delivered to an external party except following a valid warrant or court order, or for specifically named posts or comments that are the subject of a criminal investigation.

Any biographical information that you may be asked to provide, whether for social networking functions provided by the system, or for general demographics, is purely at your discretion. You do not have to answer any such questions if you prefer not to.