Terms of Service

  1. Users can choose one of three types of account to access mee.nu: registered user, free account, or paid account.

    Registered users have access to comment and private message functions, but cannot create their own websites.

    Free accounts have access to most functions, and can create websites. Free accounts are supported by advertising revenue, and each web page generated by a free account will have one or more ads embedded in it. Interference by the user with the delivery of this advertising may result in the suspension of the site.

    Paid accounts have access to all functions. No ads are embedded by mee.nu in the pages of paid accounts, but users are free to run their own advertising if they wish to do so.

  2. Free accounts are requested to keep a reasonable balance between the number of pages generated and the size of those pages. Your current balance will be indicated on your account page. If your balance consistently trends negative, you may be requested to reduce the size of your pages or other content, or the system may do this for you. In extreme cases, your account may be suspended.

    Paid accounts receive a fixed amount of disk space and bandwidth. If you exceed your available disk space, you will not be able to upload new files unless you remove some existing files or upgrade to a higher level plan. If you exceed your monthly bandwidth, you may choose to either roll over to the next month immediately, or suspend your site until the next month. Any bandwidth not used in a given month is carried forward to the next month.

    Paid accounts may be canceled at any time. In this event, any unused months pre-paid will be refunded in full within seven days.

  3. mee.nu strongly supports and promotes freedom of speech, and will not remove or alter content simply because we or anyone else disagrees with it. However, there are certain cases where action will be taken:

    1. Material that is illegal in itself, such as child pornography, will result in the immediate suspension of your account and all details being passed to the appropriate authorities.

    2. Use of your site for illegal activities, including fraud and "phishing" schemes, will likewise result in the suspension of your account and details being passed to the appropriate authorities.

    3. Persistent copyright abuse may result in your account being suspended. Individual instances of copyright infringement will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and copyright holders are encouraged to contact site owners directly. However, if mee.nu considers that you are persistently abusing copyright laws, we reserve the right to suspend your account either temporarily or permanently.

    4. mee.nu will not tolerate racial vilification. While this may be allowed under freedom of speech laws, we would prefer that you exercised this particular right elsewhere. Repeated or extreme instances may result in temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

    5. mee.nu will not host sites for the promotion or operation of terrorist activities. Any such account may be suspended without notice, and details may be passed to the appropriate authorities.

    6. Any account found attempting to gain unauthorised access to mee.nu systems, services, or software, or to other mee.nu users' accounts or personal details, will be suspended immediately.

    7. Any account found to be linked to mass unsolicited email, mass UseNet posting, or other forms of mass promotion such as automated comment posting on blogs or forums, i.e. "spam", may be suspended without notice.

    8. Any account found distributing, or to be linked to the distribution of, "malware" such as viruses, rootkits, or adware, may be suspended without notice.

    9. The display of mee.nu advertising and the mee.nu logo is a condition of ad-supported accounts. Attempts to hide or remove these may result in temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

    No refunds will be made to any user whose account is suspended for any of the above reasons.

  4. Payments for paid accounts must be kept up-to-date and paid in advance. Unpaid accounts may be suspended without further notice. In the case of suspension for non-payment, mee.nu will retain all data relating to the account for not less than sixty days, and will provide the user with reasonable access to retrieve that data during that time. mee.nu may at its own discretion apply a grace period to unpaid accounts, but this will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  5. Account access, that is, your login and password, should be considered personal, and restricted to a single individual, family, or business. You are responsible for content posted using your account. Accounts believed to have become public may have their passwords changed and/or be suspended, at mee.nu's discretion. The account holder will be notified of any such action at the email address on record for their account.

    If no specific abuse has taken place (as outlined under section 3, above), the original account holder may apply to reactivate the account. Recurring instances of this may result in permanent suspension of the account.

    You are welcome to open your site to other users, using whatever facilities mee.nu may provide, so long as your personal account is kept reasonably private.

  6. mee.nu may alter or add to these terms and conditions at any time. You can always find the latest copy of the terms and conditions at https://mee.nu/terms.