June 13, 2010

Introducing Our Servers

Our server lineup has changed quite a bit since my last update on this topic, so here's a little rundown on the machines that power mee.nu today.

The aircraft carrier of our fleet is Aoi.*  Aoi is a dual-processor hex-core hyperthreaded Xeon 5670, for a total of 12 CPUs and 24 hardware threads.  With 24GB of RAM, 3 x 2TB drives and 3 x 32GB Intel SSDs in RAID-5, Aoi runs eight specialised virtual machines handling various tasks for the mee.nu and mu.nu ecosystems, including the main blog hosting platform.

Our destroyer escort is provided by Midori and Momoko.  These are dual-core Xeon 3060 systems with 4GB of RAM and 500GB of disk each, and handle backup and website statistics.

Our newest server is Kurumi, a quad-core Xeon 3220 with 8GB of RAM and 1TB of disk.  Kurumi has a 1Gbit internet connection and 100TB of monthly bandwidth, and acts as a front-end cache for media files and other large downloads.  I'm not entirely sure what kind of ship that represents, though...

* All our servers are named after girls in anime series who are named for colours.  Aoi is blue, Midori is green, Momoko is momo-iro, peach-coloured, and Kurumi is brown.

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June 10, 2010

Thanks For 100 Million Hits!

Although things have been quiet for the last year or so, and we're yet to migrate some of the largest blogs we host over to Minx, we've still managed to rack up over 140 million page views and 50 million file downloads.

Sorry, I don't know how many uniques that is (though uniques will be counted in Minx 1.3).  Let's just say, lots.

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June 08, 2010

Planned Maintenance - Saturday 12 June 8AM GMT

We'll be offline for about 20 minutes on Saturday morning (late Friday night for most parts of the US) to do some database maintenance in preparation for the rollout of Minx 1.2 - mostly adding new indexes.

Update: Maintenance completed successfully.

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Is This Blog On?

Yes, it's been a long time since it's been updated.  mee.nu has been running all that time, of course, as well as our sister site mu.nu, and in fact we've upgraded to new servers (twice), but we've kind of been in stealth mode for a while.

We'll be surfacing very soon, and in fact we'll be taking a short outage next weekend in preparation for the rollout of the next version of Minx, our blogging* platform.

Stay tuned, we're back and we're going places.

* And, in the new version, forums, wikis, podcasts, and more.

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July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday, America!

From all your friends at mee.nu.

You're looking pretty good for a 232-year-old.

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May 20, 2008

Slow Performance And Timeouts

Hi folks.

We apologise for the slow performance of the system over the last 24 hours or so.  A process that is importing new blogs into the system got a little carried away in its task, creating many, many duplicate records and gradually bringing the system to its knees.

The process has now been sacked, and normal service has been restored.*

We're working to clean up all the duplicate records - which only affect the blogs being imported, not any blogs you might have created yourselves - and once that is completed and the problem fixed, we will very cautiously restart the process.

* Albeit at great expense and with occasional llamas...

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May 14, 2008

Smoothing Things Out

We've re-organised our backups so that they no longer cause any interruption to server.  It was taking 30 seconds twice a day, but with all the new blogs joining us that was up to over a minute, so we've changed our backup strategy.

Still twice a day, but now you shouldn't even notice (unless you pay very close attention to the timing stats at the bottom of your blog page...)

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May 11, 2008

Planned Maintenance - Monday May 12th 12am - 2am GMT

Hi everyone.

We'll be doing some work on the system later today, loading up a whole lot of new blogs.

The service will be up and running throughout this process, but you may experience the occasional slowdown, where you'll need to wait a few seconds for something that's normally instantaneous.

We apologise for that, but I'm sure you'll be happy to be joined by all these new friends!

Update: We've postponed this for 12 hours to do a little more tweaking to the conversion process.  The title reflects the updated schedule.

Update: Running now!  The good news is that everything is running very smoothly so far.  The bad news is...  Actually, there's no bad news!  Well, I think I may have to do a little patching on one of the 250 blogs being imported (the theme didn't load properly) but that's all.  Looks like all that preparation is actually paying off!

Update: And - done!  There'll be a little cleanup work the next day or so, but it all went pretty well.

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May 01, 2008

Unplanned Semi-Outage, Or, No, We Do Not Want Your Cheap Virtual Products

Apologies again.

A massive spam wave emanating from China took out our sister server, and gave mee.nu the DNS wobblies as well.  We'll be re-arranging our DNS this weekend - look for a notice on that.  There may be a little downtime while that happens, but that will be better than the major downtime we get currently when something bad happens.

Update: We've completed the reconfiguration of our DNS servers, and we're just awaiting the update of the root servers.  Once this is completed, mee.nu should be isolated from outside server failures - unless the .nu domain itself goes flaky again, which has only happened once since 1997.

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April 16, 2008

Unplanned Outage

Sorry about any downtime you might have experience over the past few hours.  We lost a drive in our secondary server, which caused intermittent DNS problems, which meant you couldn't reach mee.nu at times even though the main server was up and running just fine.

Though it's a freak occurrence that two entirely different problems both affected our DNS, we will be changing our DNS configuration to prevent this sort of thing in the future.

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